Lurpak Spreadable at McDonald’s

Are you a fan of that creamy, rich taste of Lurpak butter? McDonald’s has introduced Lurpak Spreadable to their menu. Lurpak Spreadable is renowned for its creamy texture and rich flavour. It spreads smoothly on your favourite McDonald’s bun, adding a luxurious touch to every bite.

Lurpak Spreadable

Made from pure, natural cream, it contains no artificial additives or preservatives. What makes Lurpak Spreadable so unique? Let’s break it down:


Regular Meal Price


Medium Meal Price


Large Meal Price

Note: These prices can vary depending on location to location in the UK. We update these prices frequently with time.


  • Pasteurized Cream
  • Salt
  • Milk

Nutritional Summary

Nutritional ContentCalories per Portion
Energy (kcal)57
Energy (kJ)232
of which sugar0g
of which saturated3g

The average daily calorie intake for weight maintenance in the UK typically ranges from 1,800 to 3,000 calories depending on factors such as age, gender, weight, height, muscle mass, and activity level.

Allergens Details

  • Milk
  • Salt

Recipe of Lurpak Spreadable

  • Take the unsalted butter out of the refrigerator and let it soften at room temperature.
  • Once the butter is soft, transfer it to a mixing bowl. Add one tablespoon of canola oil to the softened butter. 
  • Add a pinch of salt to enhance the flavour. Use a spatula or electric mixer to blend the ingredients. 
  • Once the Lurpak-style spread is well mixed and smooth, transfer it to a clean, airtight container. 
  • Refrigerate the spread for about 30 minutes to an hour before serving.
  • Spread a dollop of your homemade Lurpak Spreadable on your bread or bun and savour the delicious flavour. You can also try it with Strawberry Jam on bread.


Whether enjoying a classic McDonald’s hamburger or a crispy chicken sandwich, Lurpak Spreadable elevates the taste experience. Its creamy texture, quality ingredients, versatility, and convenience make it the perfect addition to your McDonald’s meal. So, next time you’re craving that familiar taste of Lurpak butter, head to McDonald’s and treat yourself to something truly delicious.


Lurpak Spreadable is specifically formulated with a blend of butter and vegetable oils to achieve its spreadable consistency.

Yes, Lurpak Spreadable should be stored in the refrigerator to maintain its freshness and spreadable consistency.

Lurpak Spreadable contains milk, so it is unsuitable for individuals with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance.

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